Travel Jobs

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A traveling Long Term Care RN helps people who are living in LTC facilities and other specialized care facilities with normal daily tasks and around-the-clock supervision. Having a Long Term Care job requires a high level of compassion and care.

  • Making patients/residents and their families comfortable during their stay
  • Provide the quality of care and life for your patients, helping them maintain their independence
  • Assist with daily living, such as bathing and getting dressed.
  • Perform regular assessments and monitoring to provide patients/residents with feedback on their health
  • Get to know your patients
  • Provide patient education to family members
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As a traveling LPN caregiver, you will provide a wide variety of responsibilities. LPNs are responsible for not only routine care of patients in rehab facilities but also nursing homes and hospitals.

  • Monitor basic patient health, vital signs and overall condition
  • Document and maintain patient histories and notes
  • Change patient dressings and insert catheters
  • Administer IV medications
  • Assist with tests and procedures
  • Provide personal care
  • Consult with RNs on care plans
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Being a traveling CNA is a perfect way to enter the medical traveling industry. CNA jobs are projected to grow 12% in the next 4-5 years!!. Due to the demand, you will have a lot of opportunities for work in a lot of different parts of the country!

  • Provide basic care for patients answer patient calls
  • Assist with medical procedures and dress wounds
  • Help move/turn bedridden patients
  • Take patient vitals, blood pressure and temperature
  • Clean rooms and change beds
  • Document patient health and report changes to supervisor
  • Feed, measure and record patient food/liquid intake
  • Answer patient calls